Thursday, 25 December 2008

Do you hate Christmas? Write on this site!

Hate Christmas? Hate it even just a little bit? – Whether yes or no, you are welcome to this site. But preferably yes.

Can follow my jabbering? – Don’t worry if not, I want other people to contribute to this site so it won’t just be my waffle.

I can’t promise this site will be able to support Christmas-Haters through the Christmas period – but I can promise you’re not alone in your resentment of Christmas. aims to burn as a beacon of Christmas Hate, its flames casting a shadow over the vacuous idiocy of Christmas festivities and the platitudes of goodwill.

Would you like to contribute to this site?

Perhaps you passionately hate Christmas.

Or you know someone who does.

You used to hate Christmas, but your feeling has changed?

You used to love Christmas, now feeling estranged?

Or you just have something to say on the subject.

Write to

If you think you might actually like to listen to more of my jabbering, I have another site: Wholesome Socks – Patching Thoughts Together.

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